An Army Vet Used His Sharpshooting Skills to Save a Bald Eagle

 A guy in Minnesota named Jason Galvin was at his family’s cabin about 60 miles north of Minneapolis last Thursday.  

 And he saw a bald EAGLE tangled in a piece of rope wrapped around a tree branch 70 feet off the ground.  So it was just dangling there.  But it was too far up to rescue, and a wildlife official told him it had been there for two-and-a-half days.

  But Jason is an Army vet who did two tours in Afghanistan, so he’s a pretty good shot.  And his wife made him borrow a friend’s rifle, and try to snap the four-inch rope by SHOOTING it.

 Which is a lot harder than it looks in the movies . . . AND it was pretty windy.  Plus he had to shoot some branches out of the way just to get a clear shot at it.  But after 90 minutes and about 150 shots, it WORKED. 

  One of his shots snapped the rope, and none of the other shots hit the bird, which landed in some brush.  And now the raptor center at the University of Minnesota is planning to release it back into the wild after it recovers.

 Apparently it’s pretty young, and doesn’t have a white head yet.  But they posted some photos of it online. 

 (ABC News / KWWL)



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