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Jim Kelly is DONE with treatment!

May 29, 2014 -- 5:42am

So great to see Jim Kelly finishing his treatment! What great family support...Love Jim Kelly



The Frozen Song by MOM

May 18, 2014 -- 9:12pm

You've heard the "Frozen" song a million times...but a Mom gives it a whole new look!


Johnny Manziel Draft Highlight Reel

May 09, 2014 -- 4:11am

The Cleveland Browns select Johnny Manziel - and that's important - and here's why!

'Blood moon' video: Rare total lunar eclipse caught on tape

Apr 15, 2014 -- 5:39am

Streamed live on Apr 15, 2014

The first total lunar eclipse in two and a half years is taking place on April 15th. The rare event will be visible over much of North America on Tuesday as the Earth's shadow falls across the moon. It will change color from bright orange to a blood red and brown depending on local weather conditions.

Frozen Dad says Let It Go!!

Apr 10, 2014 -- 6:50am

This Dad has heard enough of the Frozen you feel his pain?


Footloose Re-created on Fallon!

Mar 24, 2014 -- 6:23am

If you were a fan of Kevin Bacon and Footloose you've gotta see this!


How A Pothole Is Formed!

Feb 26, 2014 -- 6:00am

Thanks to The Weather Channel for this very graphic explanation of what it takes to Create A Pothole!

Parking Tickets that Make You Smile :)

Feb 11, 2014 -- 5:03am

Canton's Morning News with Pam Cook and Gary Rivers try to mix the information you want

with the entertainment you need - to keep you informed and give you a reason to SMILE!

Like This !  cool


My Grammy Favorite....the only one!

Jan 27, 2014 -- 8:12am

I was pretty much bored to tears with the Grammys last night....until THIS performance of my FAVORITE song! 

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon "Governor Christie"

Jan 15, 2014 -- 6:16am

As they always are, the parody with Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Tuesday night was absolutely hilarious!!!  Check this out!


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