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Jan 15, 2014 -- 11:17am




The Beebs...eggs...and drugs. Justin Bieber must be going through some adolescent crisis. In the headlines for negative news...again. Apparently millions and millions of dollars isn't enough for Bieber to buy something to keep him entertained or go some place. (I think a lot of people would prefer the latter) So, in order to keep himself busy he gathers up some friends and eggs and vandalizes a home. Now, at least the Beebs was smart enough to head to a place where no one knew who he was right? Of course not. And besides...being a celebrity might make that kind of hard. So he just goes for his neighbors home instead. But, wait there's more. Justin's friend Lil Za, sporting a new accessory following the police raid at Bieber's house...silver bracelets. Police found cocaine inside the home. Police say though Bieber is not connected to the drug arrest.


Virtual currency meets Kanye. You'd think the star would be flattered to have his face on the front of anything since we've heard over and over how thankful we should all be that he's around and of course acknowledge his outstanding bravery comparable to that of a soldier or law enforcement officer. Please not the immense sarcasm. But, instead he's a little upset about the Coinye West circulating on the net. He's filed legal docs to shut down the marketing and sale that can be used to buy goods and services online. Now, the site has since been taken down in the midst of legal threats. But, the coins had a picture that seemed South Park inspired. Kanye was depicted rocking his stunner shades. Oh and to top it all off, our beloved rapper was quoted saying "With each day that passes [my] reputation is irreparably harmed by the continued use of the Coinye West marks." Two comments here. First..."irreparably?" I highly doubt Mr. West wrote this comment himself...and two lets all be truthful. With each day that passes that Kanye West is still Kanye West, his rep is irreparably harmed.


Some people will do anything to get in the Hollywood spotlight, but flaunting your fetus for fame, I mean really? Well, that's what Houston Texans running back, Brian Foster claims his baby's mama is up to in order to launch her reality TV career. The woman's name is Brittany and apparently she's suing Foster for knocking her up then trying to convince her she should get an abortion, which she refuses to do. She's 17 weeks prego now. Foster is looking to a judge though to order Brittany to stay quiet before she turns the legal battle into what he's calling a media "carnival." Foster also claims Brittany is posting on social media that she will soon be in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and has even called her family the "blondashians."


Pit Bulls are often seen as dangerous dogs to own and one celeb isn't taking any chances. Tori Spelling has been paying for her pit, Dizzle, to be put up in a boarding home so to speak. Spelling doesn't want the pit to be around her kids so she's been paying 525 bucks a month for the last three years so that Dizzle can stay with her former dog walker. Recently though, the dog walker threatening to take the pooch to the shelter because Spelling apparently has been slacking in her payments, but of course a pit in a shelter doesn't usually mean a promising future for the dog. So, Much Love Animal Shelter stepped up and contacted the dog walker and offered to take Dizzle and place her in another "boarding" facility until they can find her a permanent home. And to top it all off, Spelling paid up the cash she owed to the dog walker. As TMZ puts it perfectly, it all ends in a happy tale.


I have to first admit I am a basketball fan and Dwight Howard is one of my favorite players, but he needs to stick to moves on the court and not so much in music videos. We've heard before about athletes turned rappers, rappers turned actors etc. It usually doesn't work. Well, Howard is making an appearance in a music video and in my opinion, it's just kind of weird. The roughly 6 foot 11 265 NBA star just comes off a little awkward in the video as he jumps around yelling and shouting. This is one of those you really just need to see.


Another shout out to TMZ for breaking this down for us. Celebrity award ceremonies are likely as classy and formal as it gets in terms of events, the Golden Globes though...kind of a mess.

1. The red carpet, a little darker before the event even started because a pipe bursts and nasty old pipe water sprayed out all over the place.
2. National television, celebrities, and booze. What more is there to say. Well, Emma Thompson takes the stage and came of a "little" tipsy. The million dollar question is... if you've obviously made friends with booze and you have a martini in one hand and your shoes in the other, which do you ditch? Obviously the shoes. Yep, tossed right behind her back. (I'm sure they were just some thrift store buy anyhow)
3. Award acceptance speeches usually involve thanking those closest to you and I guess in a sense Jarred Leto was on the right page. He started talking about that of which he must groom below the belt. #classy.
4. And to top it all off, apparently a golden globe award is better than life itself. And one star isn't saying so as a figure of speech, at least that's not how it comes off. As said by one creator of the show Brooklyn 99... "I was going to go to med school, but this is way better...way better than saving a human life."


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