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Jan 29, 2014 -- 10:56am


I think we have to say something about the performance put on by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert, when they sang Same. The performance alone was amazing, but during the performance 33 couples, gay and straight were married. Queen Latifah came out to guide the ceremony then Madonna showed up. The entire background lit up like a chapel. This performance itself was absolutely incredible. Regardless of your personal beliefs on the topic, hats off to celebs actually trying to usse their fame to make at difference., to make a difference. The link to the full vido can be found on my Facebook ( or my Twitter (@MichaelaONwhbc).


And Segway into the opposite end of the spectrum….


Justin Bieber:

I personally think that Seth Rogan deserves a Grammy for the best Tweet of the year. And I quote… “All joking aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of ___.” The fact his tweet wasn’t censored made it gold trophy worthy. However, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, in Biebs defense there are some interesting facts coming out regarding his DUI arrest. Apparently, he had a blood alcohol level of .014 and not .04 like police said initially. And also, from surveillance tape he wasn’t drag racing before being arrested. He was actually going under the speed limit.

Would you hang with Bieber for a good time? Maybe you would if it would get you a gig and 25 Gs?

Apparently partying with Justin when he has a run in with the law pays. A lot of times models have this stereotype of being kind of ditsy and Chantel Jeffries is really just backing up the case by having a serious case of Bieber Fever. The self-proclaimed model has been seen out a lot with the Biebs, including the night he landed himself in jail. But, she could make a quick $25,000 as long as she’s down with inspiring some stiff adult web competition for NYC's famous Scores strip club. She would host "a few" webcam events from home, maybe with clothes, maybe without. From her choice in company though, doesn’t look like standards are part of her game so she may be a star player in this gig.

Thousand Dollar Right Hook

If you don’t wanna stoop that low to make some quick cash you could always just tick off a star and hope they clock you. The whole ordeal with the 18 year old who allegedly threw out some racial slurs towards Kim Kardashian and her night and shinning armor came to her rescue with a sensible retaliation. Okay, so Kanye West and sensible I think by now many of us can agree is an oxymoron, and speaking of moron…West proceeded to punch out the kid and now he’s dishing out $250,000 in a settlement after he was sued.

Snoop Dog-Lion

It’s old news that former rapper Snoop Dog is now into the Reggae scene and is now Snoop Lion but, it seems like both of his alter-species seem to hang out in the same green forest. And apparently Snoop Lion doesn’t mind lighting things up in his hotel room either. Although officials won’t confirm anything, smoke from something had fire alarms screaming at Snoop’s Australian Hotel last week and firefighters rushed to the rescue. Turns out when they got there, there was no fire just a lot of smoke. After things calmed down, Snoop snapped a few pics with the firefighters and told them all about how he wanted to be a firefighter. I'm not surprisd, he's always been one to enjoy a good blaze.

Celeb Shop Lifting

Apparently Tyga will be coughin’ up the Ten, ten, ten, twenties and the fifties. And considering the total, he may just wanna stick with the fifties. The rapper is being ordered to pay out more than 200 thousand bucks to a his former jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, after he says Tyga didn’t pay the $91,000 he owed for several pieces of bling back in 2012 and now he’s suing for that along with a late fee which doubles the price. If Tyga doesn’t pay up, he could be admiring some prison bling behind those sparkling metal bars.

Anger Management to Rager:

When you think of a “rager” you think of an enormous party normally right? Well that’s when you’re talking what makes sense, but I think we’ve all learned in Hollywood there’s a blurred line. After shooting all day for Anger Management Charlie Sheen decided to unwind with a few friends, and seriously four people in total. I’m starting to believe though that calm, relaxing nights with a few drinks and a few friends is unchartered territory for our beloved celebs. It wasn’t long before it turned into an all-out rager and neighbors called police. A slap on the wrist and an order to turn it down, no charges filed.

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