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Monday, April 28, 2014

Apr 28, 2014 -- 4:02am

loser2Another Stupid Criminal Story of Note

51-year-old Tina Gleim of Wellsville, Pennsylvania was recently diagnosed with colon cancer . . . and I get the feeling that she's going to survive it.  Because we have irrefutable proof that she is BEYOND tough.

Tina was outside a PNC Bank branch in Warrington, Pennsylvania on Thursday when a 38-year-old guy named Alexis Laskowski ROBBED the place.

A teller told her what had happened . . . and Tina immediately decided to singlehandedly stop the robbery.

So she jumped in her 1995 Chevy S-10 pickup . . . and intentionally RAMMED into Alexis's SUV as he tried to speed out of the parking lot.

She messed up his front wheel so badly that he had to get out and abandon the car.  The police quickly caught up with him and arrested him.  And he ended up confessing to three other bank robberies from earlier this year.

Tina says she was planning to stop driving anyway while she gets treatment for her cancer.


"A Dad With Our Dog"

A heartfelt reminder to talk with your parents --- from a daughter who's dad has Alzheimer's.

There's a YouTube video called "My Dad with Our Dog", posted by a woman named Lisa Abeyta.  Her father has severe Alzheimer's, to the point where he can't even talk anymore.  But he WILL talk to his two pet dogs . . . so she filmed him talking to HER dog, Roscoe, on a recent visit.


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