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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apr 29, 2014 -- 4:05am

loser2Another Stupid Criminal Story of Note

If I had a neighbor who blasted music all night, I'd probably be angry.  But if it was the sweet, angelic voice of Miss CELINE DION, I might be willing to live with it.  Unfortunately these people weren't.

47-year-old Gareth Davies of Kent, England has been annoying neighbors for weeks by BLASTING "My Heart Will Go On" from his massive stereo system at all hours.

When he'd switch things up, he'd also blast "Boom Shack-A-Lak" by APACHE INDIAN and "You've Got a Friend in Me" from the "Toy Story" soundtrack.  But his neighbors called the cops, and eventually things went to a local court. 

And they ended up having his stereo equipment SEIZED for a month.  Gareth can appeal next month to get it back, and he called the whole thing a witch hunt.

I say the only thing this guy is guilty of is AWESOME taste in music.   OK.  Not so much!


"A Marriage Proposal On-Air"

You might remember the tornado weatherman, Matt Laubhan, from a few years ago when he surprised his news anchor girlfriend by proposing on live TV.  Here's the proposal.


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