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News-Talk 1480 WHBC presents
The Invisible Poor:  The Homeless in Stark County
Five Part Series * 7:40am Weekday Mornings * Beginning December 16th
on Canton's Morning News with Pam Cook & Gary Rivers

Encore broadcast daily @ 3:02pm.
Also to be posted in audio vault section of Michaela Madison's Page.

Imagine not knowing where you'll sleep tonight.  Or if you'll even eat.  To thousands in Stark County this is reality.

Beginning Monday, December 16th, News-Talk 1480 WHBC's Michaela Madison talks to the those suffering.  They share their stories.  Their troubles.  Their hopes and dreams. 

MONDAY:  To wake up in a warm bed, to eat a filling meal.  To many right here in Stark County, these things we do day in and day out without second thought are only a dream, a hope and a wish to others. On Monday, five people will truly reveal the hopelessness, the despair, the daily struggles that poverty creates. Tearfully they will share their own stories of the fear that shakes the foundation of their lives as they fight to make ends meet and survive on the streets.

TUESDAY:  Poverty holds no prejudice. Anyone at any time could find themselves struggling to survive. No one expects to become homeless. No one expects to be forced to worry about how they will eat and stay alive. Tuesday, you will hear five firsthand accounts, showing you how homelessness and poverty feed off the darkest of times and in each mistake or each hardship can move one step closer to becoming your reality.

WEDNESDAY:  To have a home that provides shelter against the elements, safety, comfort and a kitchen full of food is something many can count on, but to those who face uncertainty within each of those common guarantees, having them for even a night instills immense gratitude. Wednesday, as you listen, you will hear the heart felt appreciation for even the simplest every day items. The stories you'll hear will illustrate salvation in its truest form, how those in need feel they've discovered heroes in all those that lend a hand at the Refuge of Hope in Downtown Canton.

THURSDAY:  At the pit of our most intimidating struggles and in the darkest second of our blackest night, the light glowing within hope and opportunity may be dim, but through the power of our own belief can still shine. Thursday, you will hear how even while buried under the devastating anguish and torment of poverty, there is still hope. Even when chance seems to have faded, each story will show that in the strength of our dreams, a path out of hardship can be found.

FRIDAY:  To overcome adversity, to triumph despite being swallowed by a fury of expected defeat. To push through obstacles that at times can feel like stone walls. Friday -- the conclusion of this series -- five people will prove to you, that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how lost and consumed by failure and misfortune you may feel, you can once again discover success.

Despair, hardship, salvation, hope and triumph ...




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