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News-Talk 1480 WHBC Presents HEALTH CARE WEEK 2013
The Ron Ponder Show
10am-Noon, Monday June 17th through Friday June 21st

Obamacare.  Healthcare Reform.  What does it all mean?  What impact will it have on you or your business?  This week long series will both inform and educate on the state of the industry both locally and nationally. 

During Health Care Week, News-Talk 1480 WHBC’s Ron Ponder will broadcast live from area health related businesses and share the information and opinions that will help bring more understanding to the future of the health care industry. 

Issues to be covered include government involvement, the impact on small businesses, the state of current local health related industry and the latest innovations ... and more.

Our schedule is below. Please check back for updates on guests and topics.

Monday June 17th

Topics include:  The link between Alzheimers, dementia and hearing loss.  The causes and aggravation of tinnitus and using Zen Tones to distract the mind.  New technology known as a "Sound Bite" could be a possibility for those who can't wear a hearing aid

Tuesday June 18th

President and CEO Tom Cecconi will give an update on Mercy medical news, the ED renovation and expansion project and the newly opened Mercy Medical Center at St. Paul’s Church.  Dr. Vishal Sawhney, Mercy Pulmonologist and Bobbie Freeman, Lung Nurse Navigator will talk about low dose CT screening for lung cancer. Dr. Edward Walsh and Karen Coughlin, Administrative Director for Mercy Cancer Services will discuss clinical trials. Dr. Ahmed Sabe will discuss the Mercy Heart Center.

Wednesday June 19th


Thursday June 20th


Guests and topics include AultCare’s Mike Novelli talking about reform.  Aultman’s Tinnelle Luck and Tina Brechbill will discuss Cancer Genetics.  Dr. Elizabeth Baum will discuss NICHE (Nurses Improving the Care of Health System Elders).  And Dr. Thomas Poulton discusses Low-dose CTs. 

Friday June 22nd
Open Forum





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