The Day I “met” Chuck Berry

Back in the 1990’s I had the opportunity to “meet” Chuck Berry…as much as anyone can really meet…and greet him.  My brother in law Joe Grushecky, a well known and respected musician in Pittsburgh, was to play with Mr. Berry after a Pirates game at Three Rivers Stadium.  Chuck was to go on right after the game ended.  It went into extra innings.  He told the promoter…as we all stood in awe looking on….he needed more money to stay …when the promoter couldn’t come up with enough cash…he left.  My two young children, Jordan and Alex, really had no idea what was going on.   As the promotor said “he’s a member of rock and roll royalty and he knows it”.  Although I think of that story as soon as I hear his name, I remember him for his fantastic music.   Here’s what my brother in law wrote about Chuck Berry on his facebook page yesterday. and the picture with this article is the one he’s referring to…….RIP Chuck:

“I loved Chuck Berry and the swagger and swing of his music. The first professional recording the Iron City Houserockers ever did was “School Days.” To play guitar like Chuck has been a lifelong goal. This picture was taken at Point State Park right before Chuck threw me off stage with a “We’re going on without you son.” Hey at least I got a picture! You will be welcomed in “The Promise Land” with open arms Mr. Berry. God Bless”    —Joe Grushecky, singer/songwriter



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