Electronic Overload?

When a Thursday night brings a very exciting NFL Draft, a live broadcast from my WHBC sports guys at Jerzeez and…oh yeah…my favorite hockey team opens round 2 of the playoffs…it leads to an unbelievable overload on electronics.  I had the hockey game on TV and I switched back and forth to the draft.  I had the radio play by play of the hockey game on my laptop.  I had the live broadcast of the my sports guys on WHBC on my tablet.  Wait. There’s more.  On my phone I had the broadcast of the NFL Draft.   I sat …stuck in my chair…trying to focus on something.  Cheering the ups and downs of the game….the ups and downs of the draft…and laughing at the coverage and reaction on WHBC.  It was oh so good and oh so bad.  What would I have done if I had lost wifi.  Thank goodness for service! What a night!


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