Erin Moran had Cancer

Erin Moran Probably Died of Throat Cancer


ERIN MORAN from “Happy Days” had cancer.  The medical examiner who’s looking into her death said, quote, “[An] autopsy revealed that [she] likely succumbed to complications of Stage Four cancer.”  The statement didn’t specify what type of cancer she had, but last night ANSON WILLIAMS said she had throat cancer, and only a few people knew about it.  He was Potsie on “Happy Days”, and they were close up until her death.  He said, quote, “She [was] fighting it, [and] really doing well . . . she kept it very quiet.  We all kept it quiet too, out of respect for her.  She couldn’t speak [anymore], but her texts were very [positive] . . . I had no idea it was that bad.”  Erin was just 56 years old when she died on Saturday at the trailer in Indiana where she was living with her husband.  The medical examiner stopped short of naming cancer as the cause of death because the toxicology tests are still pending.  However, investigators have said that no illegal drugs were found in her home.  A police source told “People” magazine that Erin was undergoing radiation and chemo, and she needed a feeding tube in her final days.  Meanwhile, Scott Baio, who starred with Moran in “Joanie Loves Chachi”  was quoted yesterday as saying “it you drink and do drugs  you die”.



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