Facebook Makes You As Happy As Getting Married or Having a Baby?

 A bunch of studies say Facebook is just a factory of misery and sadness, and every time you use it you feel worse than you did before.

But a new study out of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh says that’s just not true.

Researchers found Facebook can make you happy . . . like, REALLY happy.

They found that when people got an average of two likes, comments, or messages from their friends every day, it boosted their happiness to the same levels as getting MARRIED or having a BABY.

The researchers say, quote, “It turns out when you talk with a little more depth on Facebook to people you already like, you feel better . . . the mere act of communication reminds recipients of the meaningful relationships in their lives.”

There’s one catch, though.  If you’re in a bad mood, Facebook won’t lift you out of it.

But if you’re in a good mood going in, Facebook can make you happier.

(New York Post)




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