The Five Most Ridiculous Excuses For Not Going to the Gym


We know the main excuses for not going to the gym.  You’re too tired, too busy, or too comfortable on the couch.  But you can be more creative than THAT, right?


A new survey asked people for the most ridiculous excuse they’d ever used to get out of working out.  Here are the five best . . . 


1.  “I couldn’t go to the gym because my psychic said I was going to get a call from an old flame.” 


2.  “I just did an eating contest and I can’t move.” 


3.  “I slipped a disc putting on running socks.” 


4.  “I couldn’t find a parking space at the gym so I didn’t go in.” 


5.  “I was about to go, but my roommate had a coupon for 50% off at Dominos.” 

Of course, there are more… can check them all out here… 






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