A Group Set a World Record by Sending Over 100,000 Letters to Troops


That group the Daughters of the American Revolution wanted to set a world record by sending 10,000 letters to active members of the military in one month.  But there were a few rules they had to follow that made it pretty tough . . .

Each person could only write one letter.  So you couldn’t just write 500 yourself.  And you also had to pay for your own postage.

But they released the final numbers at an event on Saturday.  And they didn’t just hit the 10,000 mark, they CRUSHED it.

Over a HUNDRED THOUSAND people wrote letters . . . more than 10 times what they were hoping for.

The finally tally was 100,904.  And it sounds like most of them were written by members, volunteers, and school kids.

There are photos online that show boxes of letters stacked on top of each other.  And they posted a photo on Facebook of the official world record certificate they got from Guinness.

(Fox News / Facebook)





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