Janice Freeman: Voice Contestant is Single Mom, Cancer Survivor

Freeman, 32, spoke with Gary Rivers this morning about the challenges she’s had to face in her life that have now led to her winning performances on this season of The Voice.

Gary also asked about her amazing voice and her “outside-of-the-box”thinking that got her this far.

When Janice was 21 years old, her daughter, Hannah, was born. A few years later, when her daughter was only 4, Hannah’s father passed away from cancer. It was really tough being a single mom, but it taught her how to be strong. Janice needed the strength because in 2012 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She fought it and survived. In the midst of all the tragedy, she met her wonderfully supportive husband. They have been married for two years, and he even gigs locally with her and her band. Having gone through so much, she is so thankful to be cancer free and happily married, but needs this shot at a music career to provide stability for Hannah.



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