Kenny’s Keys To A Cavs Series Win Over Pacers

1 – Care! Focus! Energy! Effort! Give A Damn! It’s “No Excuse Time”! The regular season is over and you are healthy, so flip that switch that you seem to think you can, and prove it on the court!
2 – Defend! Communicate, extra effort, don’t let up for :24 of every possession and when they miss don’t give them second chance opportunities and win 75% of the 50-50 balls. Defense is all about effort! You have to want to play defense, and the Cavaliers better want to play defense if they expect to get back to the NBA Finals and defend their championship.
3 – Rebound! If you bust your butt on defense and force them to take a bad shot or make them miss a shot, make sure you get the rebound. Tristan Thompson it’s time for you to do what you do best and that’s grab offense of rebounds to give the Cavaliers second chance opportunities because other than a little bit of defense, that’s all you can do. But the Cavs must rebound as a team as well.
4 – Ball Movement! When the Cavaliers move the ball, share the ball, make that extra pass on offense they are as good as any team, if not better than every team in the NBA with their group of shooters and LeBron and Kyrie driving and finishing at the rim. No Stanky Leg – One-on-One offense! Pass the ball, drive and kick and make the opposing defense have to work for 24 seconds of the shot clock!


Cavaliers in 5 games
Game 1 Sat. IND at CLE 3 p.m. (1480 WHBC)
Game 2 Mon. IND at CLE 7 p.m. (1480 WHBC)
Game 3 Apr. 20 CLE at IND 7 p.m. (1480 WHBC)
Game 4 Apr. 23 CLE at IND 1 p.m. (1480 WHBC)
Game 5* Apr. 25 IND at CLE TBD (1480 WHBC)
Game 6* Apr. 27 CLE at IND TBD (1480 WHBC)
Game 7* Apr. 29 IND at CLE TBD (1480 WHBC)




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