Olympics Medals: US Leads with 69

Olympics Medal Count: The U.S. Leads with 69, Including 26 Gold

The U.S. upped its medal count to 69 over the weekend, including 26 gold.  We also have 21 silver and 22 bronze . . . so we not only lead the overall count, we also have more of each medal than any other country.  Here are the latest standings:

1.  The United States leads with 69 medals . . . 26 gold, 21 silver, and 22 bronze.

2.  China with 45 medals . . . 15 gold, 13 silver, and 17 bronze.

3.  Great Britain with 38 medals . . . 15 gold, 16 silver, and 7 bronze.

4.  Russia with 30 medals . . . 9 gold, 11 silver, and 10 bronze.

5.  Japan with 26 medals . . . 7 gold, 4 silver, and 15 bronze.

Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first U.S. athlete to compete at the Olympics wearing a Muslim hijab.  And she won a bronze medal as part of the women’s saber fencing team.

Simone Biles won her THIRD gold medal, in the women’s vault.

Michael Phelps ended his career with one last gold medal Saturday, as part of the 4×100-meter relay team.  On Friday night, he had to settle for silver in the 100-meter butterfly.  He finishes with 28 medals overall, 23 gold.



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