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Tom Bernabei's Mayoral Candidacy is Challenged

Representatives from the Stark County Democratic Party, the Ohio Democratic Party and seven canton city council members are challenging a potential mayoral candidate in November. A formal challenge was filed Friday, challenging Commissioner Tom Bernabei's candidacy for mayor. In the 49 page document officials ask the Stark County Board of Elections to reject his candidacy. They explain that Bernabei has an extensive history with the Democratic party and they disagree with his unexpected more into the city after he announced he'd run for mayor. The protesters allege that Bernabei wasn't an independent or a permanent resident of Canton when he signed his petition. They also claim his motive for running is fueled by a political vendetta. The Board of Elections is set to meet early next month to review the petitions for independent candidates. 

Electrical Issues to Blame for Massillon Fire


Crews were called Thursday morning to a home on Erie Street in response to a fire in the basement. Three residents and another person who was visiting managed to get out of the home without any injuries. Crews quickly extinguished the fire which investigators determined was caused by electrical problems contained to the basement. Around $9,500 in damage was done and the American Red Cross is assisting the family. 

Massillon Police Sgt. Faces Suspension

Following a fight with his supervisor, a Massillon police officer will be suspended without pay. Captain Bill Peel says although the final agreement has not been signed by all parties, it is expected that officer Fredrick Alexander will be suspended for 30 days. He says there will also be a probationary period enforced for the next 2 years and if any violations occur during that time Alexander will be terminated. Alexander's suspension will be effective June 2nd. He and Sgt. Kenneth Smith were seen on surveillance video getting into a fight back in January. Smith was also offered a last chance agreement, but opted out and therefore he was fired. 

8 Year Old Forced to Perform Sex Act for Another Child

A young boy could face charges after allegedly forcing an 8 year old to perform a sexual act in Canton. Police Captain Dave Davis says  the incident happened in the woods near Robin Court NE. The victim was taken to an area hospital and has since been released. Davis says it is possible that charges will be filed, but no arrests have been made at this time.  The juvenile suspect is believed to be 12 or 13 years old. The investigation continues. 

Canton Schools' Security Upgrades Unrelated to Timken-McKinley Merge

Security upgrades are being looked at for the Canton City School District, but officials say it has nothing to do with the merging of the high schools.  Superintendent Adrian Allison says "any talk or idea that somehow or another that we need to beef up security because the students can't behave themselves is a disservice to our students and really not where we want to be as a community." Allison says they are working to update the security because the safety and security of the students is a top priority. He adds that security discussions have been taking place before any talk of a merge. "It's time because it's the right time to make sure we have the protocols in place. Other than that the merger is irrelevant." The district is looking into grant opportunities to move forward with the upgrades. Next year will mark the first for the district to have only one high school, which will keep the name McKinley High School. 

Woman Charged For Blowing up Her Own Home Enters a Plea


A woman accused of plotting to blow up her home with her son to get the insurance money is heading to jail. It all happened back in January on North Avenue NE in Massillon. 45 year old Felicia Castorani and her 19 year old son Frank Castorani came up with a scheme to pay off the roughly $7,000 owned in back property taxes. The home itself was paid off. The explosion rocked the neighborhood and also injured Frank Castorani, although it wasn't anything serious. He changed his plea to guilty last month and was sentenced to four years in prison. Today Felicia Castorani entered a plea, although a her sentence hasn't been released just yet. 

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