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Photo Leads Local Schools to Issue Lockdown

Photos lead to a lockdown within a local school district. Stark County Sheriff's Deputies say it all happened Friday afternoon at Marlington High School and Middle School. Apparently a student sent something to another student that was taken years ago off school grounds and the student was holding a gun in the picture. Officials issued a precautionary lockdown for roughly 45 minutes to an hour, but say no one was ever in any danger. Deputies say there was no gun found at the school. School administrators say the student will however be disciplined through the school, but no word on if any criminal charges will follow. 

Hartville Police to Upgrade Body Cameras

A local police department is looking to upgrade to more durable body cameras for officers. Hartville Police Chief, Larry Dordea says the cruiser video/audio recorders in addition to the officer body cameras insures officers will never be out of range of a recording device. Doreda says as for the data the cameras capture, they do have to retain that information. Dordea says they've had the cameras now for about three years and they also serve as great training tools. He says the 8 upgraded cameras will cost roughly $5,500 dollars and they do already have money set aside for that purpose. There's still no word as to what will happen with the old cameras. 

The Flu: Should You Be Worried

985 people have been hospitalized because of the flu this season compared to 214 this time last year. It's a scary number, but how afraid should we really be? Alliance ER Physician, Dr. Barry Gordon says no more than usual.  Gordon says a reason for the increase in hospitalizations due to the flu this year could be that this year's vaccine isn't as effective as in years past. He says his is due to mutations in the virus after the vaccine was created. Again, he says if you practice good hygiene and use your common sense you should be fine.

T-Mobile Settlement

If you are a T-Mobile customer you could be receiving money from a recent settlement. Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine announced Friday that Ohio has joined the other 49 states, the District of Columbia, the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC in a settlement with the mobile phone service provider. The settlement, that includes at least $90 million in payments is to resolve allegations that the company added unauthorized third-party charges on cell phone bills. The charges would typically be about $9.99 a month for "premium text message subscriptions services," such as horoscopes trivia etc. Dewine says many consumers wouldn't even realize they had they had the extra charges. Nearly 200,000 Ohioans may be affected by the settlement. AT&T announced a similar settlement this year and Verizon and Sprint have ceased billing for the PSMS charges. 

Demonstration Planned in Canton

What's being called a "Ready to Die" demonstration is scheduled in Canton. Police Chief, Bruce Lawver says they expect Saturday's event to be peaceful and see no need to add any enforcement as a result.  Lawver says the organizer of the event has said the purpose is simply to bring everyone together, meaning the community as well as the police department. He says they haven't received information regarding what time or where the demonstration will be .

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