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No plans to charge parents of boy rescued after zoo gorilla is shot

CINCINNATI — Panicked zoo visitors watched helplessly and shouted, "Stay calm!" while one woman yelled, "Mommy loves you!" as a 400-pound-plus gorilla loomed over a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into a shallow moat at the Cincinnati Zoo. The boy sat still in the water, looking up at the gorilla as the animal touched the child's hand and back. At one point, it looked as though the gorilla helped the youngster stand up. Two witnesses said they thought the gorilla was trying to protect the boy at first before getting spooked by the screams of onlookers. The animal then picked the child up out of the moat and dragged him to another spot inside the exhibit, zoo officials said.

Vigil called at Cincinnati Zoo in tribute to slain gorilla

CINCINNATI — Animal rights activists gathered Monday for a Memorial Day vigil for the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 4-year-old boy slipped into an exhibit and a special zoo response team concluded his life was in danger. Anthony Seta of Cincinnati called the 17-year-old western lowland gorilla's death "a senseless tragedy," but said the purpose Monday wasn't to point fingers but a tribute to the gorilla named Harambe.

Disagreement abounds over how to fix state education department

Lawmakers and educators don't dispute state Auditor Dave Yost's scathing assessment of the Department of Education as "the worst-run state agency." But they aren't quite sure what to do about it. Many hope new state schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, who starts in July, will right the ship. “You need a department that the field has faith in, that the public has faith in. We don’t have that now,” said Darold Johnson, legislative director for the Ohio Federation of Teachers.

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