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Fireworks lands terrified pets in Franklin County dog shelter

When the first blasts from Red, White & Boom lit the sky and rattled windows, most people were ready. Pets were terrified. And many fled in fear. By early this afternoon, the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center had taken in more than 55 pets, mostly dogs.

Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling to allow parental equality

Together, Ray and Matt Lees — a longtime couple with a big, busy, suburban household — are raising eight children. “We don’t treat them as his three and my five,” Matt said. “They’re ours.” That likely will become a matter of record soon. When the Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, it also provided the means for married same-sex couples such as Ray and Matt to obtain joint parental rights in Ohio.

Ross County officials say they need help from all

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio — An odd mix of men in pressed business suits and men and women in disheveled and rain-soaked clothes huddled together in the middle of the street and bowed their heads as the police department’s chaplain prayed: “We come now at this moment in time declaring that everything that’s been going on here comes to an end.

Flooding may spur algae in Lake Erie

The torrential rains that have pounded Ohio in the past few weeks have flooded basements and sent creeks spilling into roadways. They also could mean bad news for Lake Erie this summer. Besides the damage they caused for homeowners and drivers, rains swelled rivers across the state, including near Toledo, which got more than double its average rainfall.

State budget affects most everyone

Sure, the two-year state budget contains $71 billion in spending, but as with all budgets, it contains much more — items that affect practically every Ohioan in some way. It affects you, if you ... • Use a landline in a rural area: Opens up the ability for phone companies to abandon land-line service.

Ohio State pushing enrollment of minorities in med school

When Martins Ayoola-Adeola encounters patients who speak of hunger, of unmet basic needs, he can look them in the eye and tell them he understands. Ayoola-Adeola, who is about to start his second year at Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, grew up in Nigeria. His parents, who now live in Maryland, have known real struggle.

The wild, weird Doo Dah Parade continues its independent streak

So, about this Doo Dah. If you’ve been to the parade before, you know what you’re getting into. But let’s say you haven’t . Let’s say that just around noon on Saturday, you — a Doo Dah virgin — cut diagonally through Goodale Park, heading to the parade’s start at the northeast corner. The huge ice cream cone was probably the first hint that you had crossed into some alternate reality.

John Switzer commentary: Scarce last year, red-admiral butterfly abounds this year

Something occurs this month that happens so infrequently that folks say it’s “once in a blue moon.” July has two full moons. The first was on July 1, and the second, the blue moon, will be on the 31st. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says a second full moon in a month happens every 2.5 years or so. The first full moon was the buck moon. The name originated, perhaps, because in years past, the deer were fat by now after the hard times of winter.

Judge tosses drilling suit; moms say ‘not giving up’

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — A community activist group near Cleveland that opposes oil and gas wells in residential neighborhoods said it plans to appeal a judge’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit against the state.

Capitol Insider: Guns needed in churches, advocate says

While some have called for stricter gun regulations after the church shooting last month in Charleston, S.C., Chad D. Baus, secretary of the Buckeye Firearms Association, is espousing the opposite: End the restrictions in states such as Ohio and South Carolina on carrying concealed weapons (without advance permission) into places of worship, which otherwise become “no-guns victim zones.”

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