Palace Theatre Presents “The Villain’s Last Page”, A Partnership with Area Students

The Canton Palace Theatre’s Georgia Paxos was a guest on the Gary Rivers Show to talk about an upcoming student-run event at the venue.

Georgia brought Graceyn Dowd, a student to talk about the performance of “The Villain’s Last Page”.


“The Villain’s Last Page”

Date:   March 16, 2018-March 17, 2018
Time:  07:00 PM —

The Canton Palace Theatre, in collaboration with New Direction Performing Arts Academy, and with support from ArtsinStark presents the live play, “The Villain’s Last Page”.  The show is an original production, written, performed, and produced by students from Central Catholic High School and St. Thomas Aquinas High School..

About the show: Can the Fairy Godmother and Goldilocks change the world’s most notorious villains: The Big Bad Wolf, Scar, the Queen of Hearts, and Hades?



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