Peep Oreos and Lucky Charm Oatmeal? New Taste Treats Coming…


If you claimed that you were moving to Canada after the election but you were just bluffing . . . well here’s a BETTER reason for you to make the move.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch OATMEAL and Lucky Charms OATMEAL have been spotted on shelves in Canada.  I would eat those every day for the rest of my life.

But General Mills says they aren’t planning to release them here in the United States, so if you want them, get your passport ready.



Peeps Oreos Are Now on Shelves For Easter

Ever since Oreo started ripping off tons of new, random flavors, some have been incredible and some have been unholy affronts to God himself.  And their latest . . . well, I think it falls into that second category.

Because just in time for Easter, PEEPS OREOS have hit the shelves.  They use vanilla Oreo cookies, plus a, quote, “marshmallow Peeps flavor cream.”  And that cream is PINK, which is festive but looks pretty unappetizing.

The Peeps Oreos are on sale right now at Walmart and they should be available for the next few months.





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