Regula Concerned About the Rover Pipeline Spill

The Bethlehem Township spill site in April 2017 (Courtesy Ohio EPA).

Stark County Commission Richard Regula voiced his concerns about the environmental impact on the wetlands in Stark and neighboring counties, following the recent drilling fluid spill south of Navarre.

Regula was a guest on the Gary Rivers Show, Thursday morning.  That spill was reportedly the size of 8 1/2 football fields.  Some environmentalists fear that the spill has smothered aquatic life in that wetlands area.

Regula has spoken to several legislators in Columbus about the issue and wants to see a portion of any EPA fines that may be levied on the company responsible for the spill, to direct monies to the county for long term management of the area.

The state EPA has levied fines totally hundreds of thousands of dollars, but whether those fines will be paid is a question that may not be answered for some time.

Energy Transfer, the company building the Rover Pipeline said that the spill is being contained and is nontoxic.  The drilling mud is made of bentonite, which is essentially, volcanic ash.

Rover Pipeline is a part of the 4.2 Billion dollar natural gas pipeline that will stretch from Appalachia to Ontario Canada when complete.




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