Study says to stop jogging and take up This Activity..

You can stop pretending you never run because it’s boring and hurts your knees.  Now there’s a better excuse that’s backed up by science . . .

A new study just came out about sports that increase life expectancy.  And jogging is NOT one of them.  If you want to live as long as possible, take up TENNIS instead.

Researchers tracked over 80,000 people in the U.K. for 15 years.  And the ones who regularly played racket sports like tennis and squash were 47% less likely to die over the course of the study.

Swimming was next at 28%, followed by aerobics at 27%, and cycling at 15%.  Runners were only 13% less likely to die.

That might be a little misleading though.  The researchers think it’s because a lot of the people who claimed they were runners didn’t actually go jogging that often.  Or if they did, they only ran short distances.

Plus most of the runners in the study were young people.  So the researchers had to account for that, which might have skewed the numbers a little bit.

Overall, they found that ANY type of activity is still much better than nothing.  People who got at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate exercise a week were 27% less likely to die, regardless of what type of exercise it was.

 (LA Times / Live Science)



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