Summer Tips for Guys

When you head off on vacation, many times you think…wow, why aren’t I independently wealth so I can STAY on vacation.  But truly, it’s always nice to get away but it’s very nice to be back!  I miss being on the radio and talking to all of you.  Hope your summer is going well, vacation or no vacation.  Enjoy the beauty of the summer season.  Now, guys….while we’re on the subject are some things to watch out for:

1.  Wearing sandals or flip-flops too much.  Even without socks, you can’t wear them all the time.  If you’re getting even slightly dressed up, throw some actual shoes on.

2.  Buying sunglasses that don’t fit your face.  Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’ll look good on you.  So either stick with what works, or google what looks best with different face shapes.  And if you go to a store, bring someone for feedback.

3.  Wearing shorts to events that are more formal.  They’re the most practical choice when it’s hot out, so that’s why guys do it.  But you can’t always get away with shorts.  So it’s a good idea to invest in at least one pair of lightweight cotton or linen pants.

4.  Going sockless without taking any precautions.  Wearing loafers or boat shoes without socks is in style right now.  But you’ll probably end up with blisters the first time you try it.  And your feet will start to stink after a while.





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