There’s Someone Who’s Already Camping Outside a Best Buy For Black Friday

 If you look through Black Friday deals for this year.  They’re mostly just the usual stuff, like a few hundred bucks off a TV or laptop.  Those are good deals, but not once-in-a-lifetime, can’t-miss opportunities.

Don’t tell this guy, though.  A 26-year-old named Jarvis Johnson from Avondale, Arizona is ALREADY camping out in front of Best Buy for Black Friday.


He got there on Thursday night with his tent and his camping gear, exactly 336 hours before the doors open for Black Friday.


Now . . . this is kind of his “thing.”  This is his 10th year of camping out for Black Friday, and last year he got some media attention.


But it’s still kind of ridiculous to devote two entire weeks of your life to this kind of a stunt.


Also, he hasn’t said what he’s planning to buy once he actually gets inside. 


(AZ Family)


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