Twenty Firefighters Showed Up to Celebrate a Woman’s 100th Birthday

There’s a woman in Norfolk, Virginia named Jeanette Carty who turned 100 years old last Wednesday.  And check this out . . .

Her late husband worked for the fire department there for 30 years, starting in 1942.  And apparently her brother and her nephew worked there too.

So last week, a bunch of firefighters and trainees showed up at her front door, and surprised her with flowers.  Then they gave her a big round of applause when she walked outside.

They posted some photos of it on Facebook, and the reaction on her face when she opened the door was pretty great.

According to the fire chief, there aren’t many people with such a longstanding connection to the department . . . or possibly ANYONE with that long of a connection.  So they decided to do something special for her.

(Inside Edition / Huffington Post / WTKR)


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