The Workplace Can Be Hazardous

Dr Don Bucklin MD, Regional Medical Director of US Healthworks, talked with Gary Rivers Tuesday morning, about the many dangers lurking in the workplace, and how to avoid them.

Common Workplace Injuries & Tips to Avoid
·         Back Injuries: These are common in both desk jobs and jobs requiring manual labor. To avoid back injuries, be sure to lift properly and/or sit in a chair with a straight back that also supports the back
·         Carpal Tunnel: This painful workplace ailment can be avoided simply by using proper keyboard positioning/technique
·         Neck and shoulder stiffness: When sitting at a computer, sit with shoulders relaxed and make sure the monitor is properly positioned to avoid muscle tension.
·         Fatigue: Take regular breaks and stretch to reduce neck, lower back and shoulder fatigue as well as headaches and eye straining.
·         Cuts: This is actually a very frequent workplace injury. It’s tough to avoid, but important for workers to take caution around – papers, scissors etc.


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