WW II Veteran “Takes a Knee”

A World War II vet named John Middlemas became an internet sensation over the weekend by showing his solidarity for NFL players who take a knee.

John’s grandson posted a photo to Twitter saying, quote, “My grandpa is a 97 year old WWII vet and Missouri farmer who wanted to join with those who #TakeaKnee:  ‘Those kids have every right to protest.'”

His post has been liked 303,000 times and retweeted more than 116,000 times.

According to a Springfield newspaper, John’s a big supporter of civil rights and proud to have served alongside black servicemen aboard a submarine in the war.  He’s NOT a fan of the president though.

When asked how he felt about Trump criticizing athletes who take a knee, he called the president, quote, “garbage-mouthed.”

My grandpa is a 97 year-old WWII vet & Missouri farmer who wanted to join w/ those who : “those kids have every right to protest.”


Originally posted on September 25th, 2017



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