12 Dead in Mass Shooting in California

Last night at approximately 11:15 pm Pacific time at the Borderline Country Bar in Thousand Oaks, CA a gunman armed with a handgun, came into the bar and killed and shot 12 people in another mass shooting in America.

What we know so far is that the shooter, who was dressed in all black came up to the bar, shot the security guard and proceeded to open fire on the group of patrons that were there for College night.

The gunman also shot and killed the first responder that got to the scene within 2 minutes of receiving the call. He was Ventura County Sheriff’s, Deputy Sgt. Ron Helus. Sgt Helus was a 29-year veteran who was set to retire next year.

In what was described by witnesses as a “horrific event” as the gunmen stopped shooting to reload, a student broke out a window at the back end of the establishment and shoved several people out of the window and escaped.

We do not know who the gunman is as of yet, but we do know that he was 29 years old and that he is dead. Police and the FBI are now working to further identify the motive behind this shooting.



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