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2019 Election Results: Candidate Races



(i = incumbent)

Canton Auditor:
Richard Mallonn (I)

Canton Council at Large: 3 to elect:
Jim Babcock (I)
Christine Schulman (I)
Bill Smuckler (I)

Canton Council Ward 2:
Brenda Kimbrough (I)

Canton Council Ward 5:
Chris Smith (I)

Canton Council Ward 7:
John Mariol (I)

Canton Council Ward 9:
Frank Morris (I)

Canton City School District Board of Education: 2 to elect:
Kimberly Brown
Eric Resnick (I)


Massillon Mayor:
Kathy Catazaro-Perry (I)

Massillon President of Council:
Claudette Istnick (I)

Massillon Council at Large: 3 to elect:
Ted Herncane
Nancy Halter
Ed Lewis IV (I)

Massillon Council Ward 2:
Dave Irwin (I)

Massillon Council Ward 4:
Jill Creamer (I)

Massillon Ward 6:
Linda Litman (I)

Massillon Muni Judge:
Joel Fichter


Alliance Mayor:
Alan Andreanni (I)

Alliance Council at Large: 3 to elect:
Kristopher Bugara
Andrew Gove
Phillip Mastroianni


North Canton Mayor:
Stephan Wilder

North Canton Council at Large: 3 to elect:
Mark Ceretta I)
Daryl Revolt
Matthew Stroia

North Canton Council Ward 2:
Daniel Peters leads David Metheny by 5 votes

North Canton City School District: 2 to elect:
Jordan Greenwald
Bruce Hunt


Canal Fulton Mayor:
Joe Schultz

Canal Fulton Members of Council: 2 to elect:
Scott Svab
Jeanann VanDenberg


Jackson Twp Trustee:
Jim Thomas

Jackson Local School District: 2 to elect:
Scott Gindlesberger (I)
Christopher Goff (I)


Perry Twp Trustee:
Ralph DeChiara Jr (I)


Plain Twp Trustee:
Brook Harless

Plain Local School District: 2 to elect:
Eugene Cazantzes
Monica Gwin

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