Alison Kung, Head of Ancestry at 23andMe spoke to Gary Rivers Friday morning about changes coming to DNA Testing results

On October 1st, 23andMe announced several major updates to the 23andMe Ancestry Service product, which, they claim, will give a much greater accuracy in a person’s ancestral background.

Genetic testing provides insight into who you are and why – from ancestry, to physical traits and preferences to personalized health information. 

Despite the high awareness and interest in family trees, very few people play an active role in developing their own tree. According to a new research study by 23andMe, 52% of survey respondents cited difficulty to create and not knowing where to start as the main barriers to creating one but more than 50% of respondents wanted to learn more about their family history and family tree from a DNA test. 

This update will include 23andMe Family Tree, the new 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service and new populations in South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, and North Africa.  With their continuously growing database, they are announcing an updated region count from 1000+ to 1500+ regions. The new region count includes a more granular breakdown of underrepresented populations in the South Asian, Western Asian, Central Asian, and North African regions. 

Gary asked:
How accurate are the tests?
Is it safe?
What are the benefits?

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