Waffle House Employees Are Fired For “Playing” With Passed Out Customer – Two former Waffle House employees are out of work after video showed them putting food on a customer who was passed out.

The video posted on Instagram shows workers at a restaurant in an Atlanta suburb putting salt, a slice of cheese, and ketchup on a man’s head as he rested on the counter. It also shows one of the employees taking the man’s arms like a puppet so it appears he’s dancing.

The customer later told police he was highly intoxicated. In addition to getting fired, the former Waffle House workers are now facing charges.

Apparently there is a now private social media page that has a bunch of videos of Waffle House employees mistreating their customers. That’s where the fiancee of this customer saw what happened. Waffle House is not pleased and heads are going to roll.
Source: Newsweek

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