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1…In the Bubble(s)

MLB Division games Best of 5

Astros over the A’s yesterday 10-5.  Oakland leads that series 1-0

Yankees pounded TB 9-3.  New York Leads series 1-0

Four games scheduled today

Game 1, Marlins – Braves at 2:08

A’s – Astros at 4:37

Yankees – Rays at 8:10

Game 1, Padres – Dodgers at 9:38

Lakers take on the Heat game 4 tonight at 9 on ABC

LA leads 2-1…

MNF scores from last night

KC over NE 26-10

GB bet up ATL 30-16

We like abbreviations!

2…Tennessee Titans had No positive tests for corona virus for the second consecutive day. Which could allow the team to reopen its facility.

The NFL requires clubs experiencing outbreaks to have at least two consecutive days without a positive to consider clearing them to return, so it’s possible the Titans will be back at practice Wednesday. Tennessee’s outbreak stands at 20 between players and personnel. Any additional cases moving forward would put Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills in serious jeopardy.

The Titans had their Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers rescheduled to Week 7.

The NFL previously said it won’t reopen the AFC South club’s facility until they’re “convinced” the transmission event is at an end.

3…Parents, talk to your kids before you send them of to college

In the UK, a University student had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a dryer

  • The student consumed a couple of bottles of Zinfandel and a few shots of tequila
  • Then was dared to jump inside the front loading dryer and take it for a spin
  • She couldn’t get out of the dryer and her friends called for help.

4…Nikki Patterson of Aberdeen Scotland is a 35-year-old woman who has just secured the Guinness World Record for having the most tattoos of the same musician, 15 portraits of rapper Eminem across various parts of her body. Since she set the record, she’s already added number 16 with plans of 5 more tattoos of Marshall Mathers.

5…“Dancing With The Stars” Recap

Anne Heche was sent home after telling emotional story of how she was blackballed in Hollywood for dating Ellen back in ’97.

6…Darren Waller of the Las Vegas Raiders was fined $30,000 and nine of his teammates—including team captain and QB Derek Carr—were fined $15,000 each for breaking COVID-19 protocols at a public charity event hosted by Waller’s foundation last week.

Players and attendees were mask-less for an event which raised money to help youths battling 


The Raiders have now been fined a combined $565,000 the past two weeks.

“Welcome to Vegas!”

7…A new poll out finds:

The top 10 most iconic Halloween movies of all time:

    • “Halloween” (46%)
    • “The Nightmare on Elm Street” (24%)
    • “Scream” (22%)
    • “The Exorcist” (21%)
    • “Beetlejuice” (21%)
    • “Friday the 13th” (15%)
    • “Carrie” (13%)
    • “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (10%)
    • “Child’s Play” (9%)
    • “The Shining” (7%)

Along these lines, Freddy Krueger from “The Nightmare on Elm Street” was named the scariest horror movie villain of all time, followed by “Halloween’s” Michael Meyers and “Psycho’s” Norman Bates.

8…Looking for a “safe investment?’

A pair of Air Jordans just sold at auction for a record-breaking $560-thousand…and some number crunchers suggest they could be used as a long-term investment. In fact, industry experts have noticed that Jordans tend to appreciate over time, with more than 80% of Jordans increasing in value each year – and some even doubling in resale value. So while it might seem stupid to blow a ton of money on fresh kicks, it actually could be better for your bottom line than getting into some boring stocks and bonds. 

Today is Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Today in

Sports History

1880 – The National League kicked the Cincinnati Reds out for selling beer. 

1985 – Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers) set an NFL record with 57 pass attempts. He threw for five touchdowns and 429 yards. Earlier this season Joe Burrow attempted 61 passes against the Browns.

Music History for October 6

1976 – Radio DJ Rick Dees released “Disco Duck’ The worst song of all time went to #1 giving Rick Dees more number 1 hit singles than Bruce Springsteen and Journey…COMBINED!

Happy 24th Anniversary…Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were married on this date in 1996. 

a couple  celebrity birthday today

REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin is 69

Former NFL Coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Tony Dungy is 65