85% of Us Have Gone Into Work Sick . . . Even Though Your Coworkers Don’t Want You To

Your coworkers would RATHER do extra work to cover for you than catch whatever horrible illness you bring to work.  Seriously . . . it’s okay to take a sick day when you clearly have tuberculosis.

A new survey found 82% of companies say they don’t want sick people coming in . . . and 42% of employees say the worst thing someone can do when they’re sick is come in.

But . . . 85% of people admit that they’ve gone into work even though they were sick.  Here are the top five reasons why . . .

1.  They felt well enough to work, 36%.

2.  They didn’t want to fall behind, 32%.

3.  They don’t get sick days, 12%.

4.  They wanted to save their sick days, 9%.

5.  Their boss would be upset if they didn’t come in, 4%. 

(PR Newswire)



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