A Florida grandmother is outraged after a school resource officer arrested her six-year-old granddaughter for throwing a tantrum. The girl was handcuffed and sent to a juvenile center with a battery charge. She got a call from 6-year old Kaia Rolle’s school saying the child had been handcuffed and arrested for throwing some type of tantrum where she was acting out in class.

Kirkland tried explaining that little Kaia didn’t get much sleep due to her sleep apnea diagnosis. Kirkland explained that the family is trying to work to help Kaia but claims a staff member grabbed Kaia by the wrists and said “Well, I have sleep apnea and I don’t behave like that.”

Police are investigating the matter, since the arresting officer didn’t get his commander’s approval to arrest anyone under the age of twelve before he arrested Kaia and an eight-year-old that day.

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