A Closer Look by Mark Miller

Hello again Stark County football fans! The 2022 season is almost here and I am very excited to once again join Dan Belford, Denny Kincaid and Kenny Roda on the WHBC radio crew for another season of great high school football.

If our opening weekend is even close to the 2021 openers, fasten your seatbelt because some close, high scoring, overtime games are on the way! We open on Thursday,
August 18 with Central Catholic at Perry and then Friday we are at Massillon to watch the Tigers battle Cincinnati Moeller.
Again this year I will be sharing with area football fans my reactions to the games we do each weekend from the perspective of my color analyst seat by writing this column as we go deeper with “A Closer Look”. I will discuss the unique plays, odd rules and great individual and team efforts that the coaches and players in this football crazy area put on display each weekend.
People have asked me what teams to watch this season and I answer, all of them! The coaches in this area are the best in the state and they have their players and teams ready to play every single game.  Don’t just think the favorites will have great seasons. There are always teams that surprise us and go deep in the playoffs – can anyone say Green Bulldogs!
I am also asked what players to watch. There are a plethora (good word, huh?) of very fine players returning to their teams this fall but we always have young men that develop and mature into great players that we don’t even know of yet. I do know this is a great season for quarterbacks in our area and we have all of them on our radio schedule.

As a former QB I can’t wait to see guys like Jack “Poochie” Snyder (Canton South), Jack Talkington (Central Catholic), Jalen Slaughter (Massillon), Drew DeShields (West Branch), Brendan Zurbrugg (Alliance), Carson Colucci (Fairless) and Carson Dyrlund (Hoover)

The sky will be filled with passes for sure!
It will be a ball! Tune in and enjoy the fun! It’s time for high school football in Stark County!
Mark Miller

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