A Mom and Son and a Dream Come True

It’s not about the team…so calm down Buckeye fans….it’s about the experience.  It happens all across the country at stadiums filled to the brim…pride and joy and thousands of fans united.  My son Alex and I checked off an item from our bucket list this weekend.  It was a visit to “The Big House” – Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.  Alex has been a fan since he was 3-years old…and as his Mom, and a graduate of OHIO University — I felt compelled to walk along side him.  We’d never been to such an event.  We’ve never been to a stadium of that size (not even our NFL team gets that many people).  I think that’s what I love so much about sports — the unity.  You put down your gauntlet for one moment and join hands.  You love together…you cheer together…you hurt together…just like it should be.  Sports is a big part of my life and this just reinforced it all for me and Alex.    We were awestruck…just had a hard time believing we were there.  And a Mom’s heart as she watched a dream come true for her son…was, as they say, PRICELESS.  We will never forget it.  Thanks Alex.  Thanks Michigan.  #GoBlue

**Note:  There was a major storm before the game….the tailgate area got pretty muddy…hence pants/shoes.




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