A New Ride coming to Hall of Fame Village in Canton

The Hall of Fame Village is adding a new amusement ride to its Play-Action Plaza this summer. The newest football-themed attraction named ‘Spike It,’ will be a 40-foot-tall drop tower ride emulating the classic touchdown celebration.

Riders will experience the exuberance of ‘spiking the ball’ but in a very unique way. You get to be the ball. The ride starts by hoisting you skyward, pausing at the top, and then spiking you back toward the ground until the magnetic brakes ultimately slow the ride at the end. Six people at-a-time can experience this sensation of weightlessness and rapidly changing forces.

“We’re looking forward to offering this newest attraction for our guests to enjoy. Spike It adds to  our expanding array of outdoor activities within Play-Action Plaza, which already includes the Half-time bar area and patio, open amphitheater, a walking path, as well as the Red Zone and Forward Pass rides,” said Seth Cooper, HOFV VP of Operations.

The Red Zone giant wheel features 20 gondolas that rotate nine stories high, offering unrivaled views of The Village and surrounding areas. The Forward Pass zipline lets you soar through the air like a pass from quarterback to wide receiver. For updates on the upcoming Spike It ride and to purchase tickets for the Red Zone and Forward Pass, visit  hofvillage.com.

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