Actor Nick Cordero, Husband of Glen Oak Grad, Dies from Coronavirus
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Actor Nick Cordero has died from complications of coronavirus.  He is the husband of Glen Oak graduate Amanda Kloots who has been posting about his health situation since he was initially diagnosed in late March.  He had to have his leg amputated and was in a coma for most of the last thre months.  Nick Cordero was 41.

Nick’s best friend and former “Bullets Over Broadway” co-star, Zach Braff was heartbroken by his death. he shared “I can honesty tell you I have never met a kinder human being,” the Scrubs actor added, “Don’t believe that Covid only claims the elderly and infirm. I am so grateful for the time we had.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda shared “Devastating. What a loss, what a light. Whole heart with Amanda and his family tonight.”

Viola Davis posted an emotional tribute to both wife Amanda Kloots and Nick’s only child, 1-year-old son Elvis.

“Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson stressed “Incredibly sad news. Can we please do what we need to do as a country to fight this virus together? It doesn’t care how healthy you are. It doesn’t care if you want to go to Fire Island. It doesn’t care if you are tired of wearing a mask. Reign. It. In.”

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