According to here is the Salary Cap space that all four teams in the AFC North have to spend heading into NFL Free Agency tomorrow March 13th.

Here is what is listed below:

The Overall cap space is how much the team has to spend this year in Free Agency.

That is followed by how much each team has already spent on Offense, Defense and Special teams.



Overall cap space: $71,159,472

Offense: $76,751,337

Defense: $84,068,482

Special teams: $4,075,000



Overall cap space: $50,776,466

Offense: $71,539,059

Defense: $68,393,731

Special teams: $5,685,000



Overall cap space: $25,783,054

Offense: $70,435,054

Defense: $76,881,629

Special teams: $10,906,921



Overall cap space: $21,251,062

Offense: $98,244,376

Defense: $86,060,773

Special teams: $5,490,000

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