UPDATE:  Akron Police/Fire Find Fire and 2 Gunshot Victims

UPDATE TO THIS STORY AT 12:50PM:  Akron Fire officials say upon arrival they also saw the body of the woman in the driveway and proceeded cautiously while keeping the fire under control.  When they could finally get inside the home they discovered another gunshot victim.  No other details have been released.


Akron Police and Fire working late into the night after finding the body of a woman outside a home that was on fire in the 500 block of Lansing Road.

Police went there because they got a call of gunshots in that area. When they arrived they found the woman, who had been shot, in the driveway of the home. They are not releasing her name until they can notify her family.

Officers say the exact circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are not immediately known. Based on the preliminary information, multiple gunshots were heard at or near the residence in the moments leading up to the incident.

We expect to get more details this morning.