Akron Police say they have arrested a Serial Rapist:  Looking for Additional Victims


Akron Police Detectives say they have arrested a serial rapist.   24-year old Mohamed Reeda was taken into custody at his home in Akron last week.  Reeda is charged with three counts of rape, two counts of abduction, and one count of attempted rape. The charges stem from crimes that occurred beginning in November of 2022 and continuing until March of 2023.  Akron Police Detectives say this pattern indicates he would have continued to victimize the community without the efforts of detectives to investigate the crimes, link them together, and take him into custody.
Detectives have identified eight victims in total so far and the investigation is expected to lead to additional charges against Reeda. Police also say they want to bring these acts to the attention of the public because they believe there could be additional people that did not report being crime victims.
Reeda was a driver for a ride share service and his victims were from throughout the City of Akron. He looked for women that were walking alone, or with one other female, and lure them into his vehicle under false pretenses. Reeda then took the women to isolated places where police say he victimized them.
Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett says “Removing this serial predator from our community has clearly made Akron a safer place. The victims in this case experienced trauma that most will not be able to understand, and nothing can be done to undo the harms this suspect caused; however, I hope this arrest is the first step leading to bringing the suspect to justice and assist the victims in their journey towards healing.”
If you had a similar contact with Reeda, whether you got into the vehicle or not, please contact the Akron Police Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490.