AKRON (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – In light of the recent storms that have caused damage in the area, along with the possible residual storms from Hurricane Dorian, the Akron Police Department released a statement reminding everyone to be cautious when hiring contractors to do repair work.

They highlighted the following recommendations from the Better Business Bureau:

Contact your insurance company- ask about your policy coverage and filing requirements.

Do your research – get references and check to see if they are licensed.

Resist high-pressure sales– they will try to sell you on a “good deal” if you hire them on the spot.

Be especially careful of door-to-door contractors– ask for identification and see if their vehicle has the business name and phone number to verify if they are legitimate.

Don’t sign over insurance checks to the contractor– get an invoice and pay them directly.

Be wary regarding places you can’t see– unethical contractors may create damage to get work.