ALLIANCE (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The only elevator in an eight-story senior high-rise building in downtown Alliance should be working again soon.

Until then, a number of residents of the Lionel Newsom Tower on Main Street who are not able to use the steps have fortunately been provided with a temporary place to stay that meets their needs.

Alpha Phi Alpha Homes Executive Director Tom Fuller tells WHBC News that there are multiple residents who have been moved into hotels for the time being.

For those who aren’t in hotels, the staff at the Newsom Tower is doing everything possible to help the hard times pass. Fuller says anything from walking pets to grabbing medicine or everyday products has become the routine over the past two weeks.

The non-profit organization also delivers food and groceries to each of the residents who stuck around, even though Fuller says that is something they normally did before the elevator problem.

A combination of wrong parts and delays due to the holidays have kept the building’s elevator out of service for nearly two weeks. However, Fuller says that it should be back up and running by the end of the week.

Fuller tells WHBC News that he is looking into a way where all tenants can receive a discount or refund for their troubles as well.  Numerous support groups have assisted the Newson Tower staff during the difficult times, which Fuller says is appreciated.