And THE most Popular Vegetable Is?  Find out HERE:

We all know it’s important to eat vegetables for a healthy diet, and when it comes to veggies, it seems most of America is in agreement as to the best one out there.

  • Just in time for National Eat Your Vegetables Day, which is Thursday, Green Giant polled 5,000 Americans about their love of vegetables.
  • Broccoli was named the overwhelming favorite for yet another year, with carrot coming in second and corn in third.
  • For those who picked broccoli as their favorite, 100% cited “taste” as the reason.
  • While Broccoli is still tops, corn and carrot are gaining in popularity
  • Seven-times more states picked corn as their favorite this year, compared to last year.
  • Between 2019 and 2021, the number of states picking carrot as their favorite jumped 500%, while the number who picked broccoli was actually down 23%
  • Two veggies really dropping in popularity are tomato and cucumber, which were favorites last year, but didn’t make the list this year.

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