Aultman to Cease Operations of Skilled Nursing Facilities at Woodlawn and Alliance


Officials with Aultman made the announcement Wednesday morning:

Amid ongoing labor struggles and financial challenges,  Aultman will cease operations at two skilled nursing facilities: the Transitional Care Center at
Aultman Woodlawn and the Community Care Center at Aultman Alliance Community Hospital.
“This decision was not one we made easily,” said Linda Casey, chief operating officer of Aultman Post-Acute Services. “We will work with short and long-term residents to identify their needs and help them find another facility that will address those needs, as well as provide support and education as needed during the transition process.”
Unfortunately, the skilled nursing industry was hit the hardest as a result of the pandemic.

Aultman continues to face industry challenges, including ongoing staffing shortages. Aultman also cited struggles to achieve adequate reimbursement from insurance providers and unsustainable losses as reasons for the closure.

Employees in the two closing units will be offered alternate roles within the organization, and Aultman does not anticipate any job loss. “It’s a tough market for healthcare right now. We’re all competing to fill the same types of positions, particularly in nursing, and agency staffing to fill in the gaps is exceedingly expensive,” said Casey. “In addition, we’re facing increasing costs of care, and in many cases, health insurers that aren’t willing to adjust their reimbursement rates to reflect that, putting
additional strain on hospitals and care facilities.”
Effective today, Feb. 1, 2023, both units have stopped taking new admissions in order to prepare for the closures.  It is important to note that the inpatient rehabilitation unit, home healthcare (Aultman Health Care in Your Home) and the Compassionate Care Center, all located on the Aultman Woodlawn campus, will remain open.

At Aultman Alliance, a portion of the Community Care Center space will be transitioned to inpatient hospice and we will be exploring additional opportunities for the
remaining space.