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Jon Bozeka

Jon Bozeka

A conversation that needs to be had about Simone Biles

What she did is ok, what athletes feel need to be out in the open. Jon spoke…

Details about redistricting with State Senator Vernon Sykes

What is the goal of the town hall that is being held in Canton? Jon spoke with…

Lots of exciting events coming up at Clearview Golf Club

Why is Jim Nantz coming to the course? Jon Bozeka spoke with Renee Powell from Clearview.

We must protect our waterways in Ohio

Why do we allow raw sewage to be dumped into Lake Erie? Jon spoke with State Representative…

A name change that should have happened years ago

Why does Chrissy feel this should have happened years ago? How much do you know about the…

Canton City Health Commissioner Jim Adams encourages people to get the vaccine

What can be done to increase the numbers? Have you gotten vaccinated yet? Jon spoke with Canton…

Abolishing the Death Penalty in Ohio

Are we closer to this happening? Jon spoke with State Representative Adam Miller.

Portage County Sheriff makes controversial comments on the new name change

Why are people so upset by the name change? Jon Bozeka spoke with former Portage County Commissioner…

It’s Official The Cleveland Indians Will Become The Cleveland GUARDIANS

The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland GUARDIANS, watch the announcement below. The team will begin being…

Encouraging the vaccine has to start with community leaders

Dr. Badie Alnemr joined Jon to talk about why people need to get the vaccine.

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