With Legendary sportscaster Al Michaels calling the plays, the 2019 Hall of Fame game got underway at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium Thursday evening in Canton.  The Broncos beat the Falcons 14-10 in a game marred by typical pre-season dropped passes and a fumbled punt or two.

The game included a local guy.  Marlington’s Dymonte Thomas, who was an undrafted free agent back in 2017, plays for the Denver Broncos–which could explain the over-abundance of Denver fans in the stadium—who led the crowd in several “waves” throughout the game.

WHBC’s Gary Rivers was there to see the Canton Bluejackets perform at half-time.  They put on a truncated version of their competitive Beatles-themed show for the crowd and didn’t disappoint.

The NFL season is officially underway.  The regular season will begin on Sept. 5.

Next up for the Hall of Fame, the Gold Jacket Dinner tonight.