Bernie Kosar Headed to Palace Theatre

It’s already hard to get tickets, according to Marianna DiGiacomo – Community Services Director – Stark County Library, who spoke on the Gary Rivers Show Friday morning.

Former Browns QB, Bernie Kosar comes to the Hall of Fame City on September 19 as the kick-off speaker for the 3rd season of the Speaking of Books Author Series.  Kosar’s new autobiography, Learning to Scramble, is an unvarnished and completely authentic account of an extremely talented man’s ability to learn from his mistakes and develop new ways of approaching life.  Chronicling his rise to prominence as the leader of the University of Miami’s first national championship team, and then to glory in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns

DiGiacomo, along with Library Literacy Manager, Julia Shaheen, were guests on the show to talk about the Speaking of Books Author series.

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